About Us...

From multi-family properties and model homes for real estate developers to commercial environments and renovations (both small and large), Hartman Design Group's concepts spark engagement and action by everyone who steps into your space. Driven by Creativity, exceeding the expectations of our clients, and dedicating a high level of Commitment to innovative interior architecture and design, for 30 years Hartman Design Group has embraced Collaboration with clients, consultants, and design experts alike.

When founder Phyllis Hartman began Hartman Design Group in 1987, she was determined to create a firm that brought together Clients, consultants and the HDG team. This holistic approach to every design project is the force behind interiors that are aesthetic, practical and communicate the Client's peak brand image. The HDG business philosophy also focuses on respect for history, architecture and the environment, and - most importantly - it focuses on respect for every dollar a Client dedicates to a design goal, no matter what the project's scope may be. Throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest, for projects large and small, Hartman Design Group equals results.

Our Approach

Our goal is to create a synergy between interiors and architecture that inspires and excites. We call this "design greatness." We think about each project like a story. From our initial idea to the final accessory, we start by taking a step back and really listening to our Clients' needs and desires. We learn what you want your space to communicate to the world and creatively concept how we can achieve it.

Tech Capabilities

Our team is highly technical and we are proficient in AutoCAD and Revit as well as Sketch Up and Photoshop. We employ these techniques to facilitate a seamless process from conceptual design through completion of the project. Our skills allow us to provide our Clients with important visuals through each step of the process and a detailed set of documents. In addition, our technical strength promotes deep coordination with all project consultants.

From the First Ideas to the Final Accessory

The creative process begins with invention and an exploration into the endless possibilities of space, color, texture, lighting, and furnishings. Throughout the project we collaborate and communicate with Clients, architects, consultants and contractors -transforming visions into working concepts and detailed documents. We do everything possible to ensure a totally smooth, hassle-free experience for everyone involved. That's why we make sure we're there during the construction phase to coordinate with the project team, procure furnishings, and supervise the installation until the last accessory is put into place.

Creating with a Conscience

From the foods we eat to the cars we drive, the green movement continues to gather steam and change the way we live. We’re doing our part by making smarter design choices right now. That means incorporating innovative, earth-friendly raw materials, appliances, and lighting options into our designs and historic restoration projects. These materials create stunning spaces and benefit those who inhabit them by saving energy, providing cleaner, healthier air, and lowering the cost of day-to-day living.