Annie’s Christmas

Another occasional in the year to spoil Annie and spend far to much money on her. Standard really. Annie’s santa hat is my absolute favourite outfit for her, I picked it up at a local pet shop a few years back and (I’m sure you’ll agree) its just adorable on her.
When Annie was a puppy we used to have to put the presents on the dining table and the tree on a side table, out of the little madams reach, least she opens her presents early. Now she’s older the tree and presents can go safely on the floor.
Annie enjoys sitting under the tree, she makes a little den under there. I put all kinds of decorations on my tree (but obviously not glass) including these large gold metal bells. Annie goes out of her way to brush the branches and ring the bells. We haven’t yet managed to teach her to do it in tune with the music we’re playing, but its super cute all the same and makes us smile every time. DSC04934 
Annie was absolutely spoilt with all her presents and gifts, including a festive ‘XMAS’ from Healthy Hound Treats but Annie snatched the ‘X’ before I could take a proper photo. Here she is in the carnage of wrapping paper and boxes that she opened herself. She loves to open boxes and especially her own wrapped presents – and we love to watch her do it.
Annie now weighs about a kilo more than she did on Christmas eve with all the treats she received including the Christmas Pudding I made her!

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What did you and your hound get for Christmas, anyone get as spoilt as Annie?

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