Christmas Competition Follow up

Here’s a few photos sent in by the winners of our Christmas photo competition. Photos of them enjoying their prizes. 

Amanda’s Pack

Amanda sent us this cute photo of her pups Mimi, Scout and Cully with their prizes. They received lots of food treats and a lovely lead from Dogue in their KookieBox prize. Another lovely photo Amanda. I wish I could teach Annie to hold things in her mouth like that! 

Xmas Prizes  amanda

Enjoy the well earnt treats pups and no fighting over the new snazzy lead!


Here’s Mollie the Rottie balancing her Oscars law tag on her nose. Doesn’t she look good in oscars law red? Wear it proudly miss Mollie. 


We’d love to see photos from our other prize winner, enjoying the spoils of their success, so please email then through to and we’ll feature them on this page!

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