Charity of the Month: Oscar’s Law

2011-11-13-Oscarinhisbandanna.jpgWhat is Oscars Law?

In a nutshell Oscars Law is an animal rights movement that campaigns to:

  • Abolish the factory farming of companion animals.
  • Ban the sale of companion animals from pets shops/online trading sites.
  • Promote adoption through rescue groups/pounds/shelters

Puppy factories are commercial facilities for breeding the largest number of companion dogs for the most financial profit. Every corner is cut including the welfare of the breeding dogs. Breeding dogs are confined for their entire lives in tiny squalid cages and forced to produce litter after little of puppies. They are denied every basic animal right such as sufficient food, water or shelter, exercise, medical attention, clean homes and loving affection. These dogs are treated as money machines. Many of these dogs have severe health issues that are left untreated and the poor animal is left to suffer. And once they are unable to breed any more they’re shot.

Most puppies bred in these terrifying places are sold on to pet shops around the country and increasing on the internet sites such as Gumtree etc. These puppies often have serious underlying health problems and defects themselves such as hip dysplasia, chronic skin conditions, overshot jaws and heart murmurs as well as possible behavioural problems.  

Who is Oscar?

In 2010 a little dog named Oscar became the face of Oscars law. He was rescued by animal welfare campaigner (and now Oscars Law founder) Debra Tranter from a terrible puppy factory in Central Victoria. He was in a very bad state “His fur was so matted it was restricting his movement, he had ear infection, rotten teeth, inflamed gums, and he was severely malnourished” Debra took him to the vet and tried to look after him before he was forcibly removed in the middle of the night by the police and returned to the very people that abused him in the first place.

Oscars Law campaign seeks to criminalise the ‘farming’ of companion animals, stop puppies from being sold in pet shops and on the internet, as well as encouraging adoption through rescue shelters. It started in Victoria but has spread across Australia.

The first thing we can all do to support Oscars Law is to vow never to buy a puppy from a shop or on the internet. If we stop buying them,then they will stop breeding them. By purchasing a puppy from a puppy factory you are actually financially supporting one of Australia’s cruellest industries. By buying a puppy factory pup you are condemning its parents to a lifetime of neglect and cruelty.

Debra has been campaigning for 19-years to expose and abolish puppy factories. She coined the phrase “Prisoners for Profit” and the next day the footage made headlines around Australia. Thanks to Debra and her team puppy farming makes the national news

All she wants for Christmas is to be out of the puppy factory

Oscars Law is running a new campaign All she wants for Christmas is to be out of the puppy factory.
 OscarsLaw_Xmas15_FBCover lrg

Christmas should be a time of giving and charity. Unfortunately this is also a puppy farmers busiest time of the year where he sells the most puppies. I beg you not to perpetuate the cycle, #adoptdontshop. Every dog deserves a home this Christmas but every puppy farmers does not deserve a bumper pay check.

What you can do to help

Buy a puppy ethically

  • If you or your family have made the decision to bring a new best friend into your life for Christmas, please consider adopting a dog. PetRescue is a great place to look with pets from 800+ rescue groups, shelter and pounds around Australia.
  • In circumstance where adoption isn’t an option, the RSPCA’s Smart Puppy Buyer’s Guide should be closely followed to ensure you are not supporting a backyard breeder or a puppy factory.

Take action

  • Email your MP using our pre-prepared email and let them know you don’t want companion animals factory farmed!
  • Visit our Act Now pages and take action to make Oscar’s Law a reality.
  • Update your Facebook profile and cover photo to educate your family and friends.
  • Share this website on social media using the ‘Share this’ button at the top right of this page.


  • Please consider a donation to Oscar’s Law to help fight puppy factories! (click here to be taken to their PayPal link)
  • Look great and spread the word with a t-shirt or other item of merchandise from our Shop 
  • You can also buy a fundraising Oscars Law tag from IdPet

Christmas Competition

Here at Wags Out West, we fully supports Oscars Law and want to do our part for charity this Christmas so we’re offering $1 for every entry into our Christmas Photo Competition to charity, as well as a Reverse Advent Calendar to a local pet shelter. We’ve also Purchased an Oscars Law prize pack including a collar charm and bandana as a competitions prize.  

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