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How to simplify your life, eliminate the non-essential and focus on what matters most

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Simplify your life, self-care and style with our treasure trove of minimalist living tools (even if you don’t have Marie Kondo on speed dial).

Watch and learn how


Overcome Overwhelm

Do any of these statements resonate with you?

  • I’m fed up with digital clutter, paper clutter … clutter all together!

  • I’m over wasting time each day trying to figure out what to wear.

  • I put other people’s needs first all the time and as a result am neglecting to self care.

  • I’ve completely lost control of my schedule and don’t own my time anymore.

  • There’s a lot of complexity in my life – but, does it have to be this hard?


What matters most?

More clarity and focus

Hi, I’m Nick and I believe in doing and having more of what matters – and less of what doesn't. Not long ago, I led a high-energy, big city life as a UN diplomat in New York. It was great for a few years, but my partner and I wanted something different, so decided to get more out of life (by focusing on less).

We took a leap, left the big city and decided to simplify the way we live and work, prioritizing the people and things we truly care about. The two of us — along with our Russian Blue cat Layla — now live closer to our family, in a more scenic and laid-back setting (20min from the coast) with lots of sunshine.

Don't get us wrong, we have not reached an ultimate state of bliss and zen either. However, we were able to slow down life a lot and we are much healthier and happier as a result. We’re building this site in order to inspire others to see what it is they truly care about – and to do more of that, and less of all the rest.

And, that’s where you come in (click to read more) ...

Modern life has become so fast-paced and complex, it takes a healthy dose of grounding and a good sense of direction in order to understand where you come from and where you are going.

Minimalism is a philosophy that can provide you with clarity and focus in the midst of this chaos.

After interviewing and surveying 2,500 readers, we created a unique collection of minimalist living, style and self-care tools that will help you:

  • create space to do the things you care about

  • regain control of your self-care and health

  • build effective and time-saving routines

  • create a wardrobe of essential items you love

  • manage your schedule and own your time


The Minimalism Bundle

Introducing an all-access collection of tools that will help you streamline your style, learn how to self-care and simplify your life.

The Minimalism Bundle contains our entire collection of minimalist living, style and self-care resources. We like to think of it as a treasure trove for minimalist enthusiasts.


 The bundle contents

You will receive an all-access pass to our full minimalist resource collection — including books, courses, planners, calendars and bonuses — grouped into 4 core themes.

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With our signature simple living course and book, you will systematically streamline 13 major areas of your life (work, finances, relationships and more).

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Our bestselling capsule wardrobe course and book will help you save time, money and energy by refining your signature style and building a closet you love.

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With our self-care collection you’ll receive a book, planner and course that will improve the 11 core pillars of health, such as nutrition and mindfulness.

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If you need to get better organized and be more productive, our minimalist planners will help you save time by developing an effective routine.


Preview what’s inside


Simplicity tools

〉13-step Simplify Your Life course

〉The Minimalism Challenge eBook


Style tools

〉9-step Simplify Your Style course

〉The Style Challenge eBook


Self-care tools

〉11-step Self-Care Challenge course

〉The Self-Care Challenge eBook


Productivity tools

〉37-page Minimalist Digital Planner

〉35-page Productivity Digital Planner

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Limited Time Bonuses

Get them before the deal expires

〉Bonus 1: The Gratitude Journal + Thank You Cards

  • Learn how to reap the science-backed benefits of practicing gratitude.

  • See how writing a gratitude journal transforms your outlook and helps you build a mindset of gratitude and growth.

  • Deepen your relationships, crafting simple and sincere thank you notes for others.

〉Bonus 2: The Sleep Challenge Course + eBook

  • Understand the sources of sleep deprivation and up your sleep and self-care game.

  • Learn how to optimize your bedroom for better sleep.

  • Learn how to create an effective bedtime routine.

〉Bonus 3: The Minimalist Productivity Calendar

  • Start the new year right with this simple calendar, pared down to the essentials.

  • Its clean white background, smart grid and modern font support clarity of mind and focus.

  • All you need to stay organized and efficient with your time.


A Unique Collection of Minimalist tools ($250 value)

Simplify your life, eliminate the non-essential and create space for what matters


Frequently Asked Questions

The Minimalism Bundle will help you simplify each area of life, eliminate the non-essential and focus on what matters most.

What does the Bundle include?

The Minimalism Bundle gives you an all-access pass to our premium collection of minimalist living, style and design books, courses, planners and calendars. It is a complete library of tools that help you streamline your life.

Is the Bundle right for me?

We learnt a lot about our readers' needs, recently interviewing and surveying more than 2,500 of them. What stood out was a feeling of overwhelm and loss of ownership over their time and what they do.

Many feel:

  1. they spend a lot of time doing things they do not really care about (while not having enough time for the things they love)
  2. they put other people's needs first all day long, but hardly find time to self care
  3. they waste precious time every morning wondering what to wear
  4. they find themselves in their day-to-day caught up in a myriad of time-wasters, unnecessary complexities and clutter (paper, physical and digital)

If these feelings resonate with you, the Minimalism All-Access Bundle with its 10+ tools to help simplify life, work, self-care and style may be just what you need.

How do I unlock the bonuses?

If you sign up during the limited bonus period, you will receive a package of bonuses valued at over $100.

Will new resources be added to the Bundle?

Yes, resources are added regularly and once you purchase the Bundle, you will have access to all new resources – at no extra cost to you.

Do you offer a refund on the Bundle?

As you will get instant access to our full repository of resources and can download all its contents, we can unfortunately not issue any refunds.

Will the price of the Bundle increase?

Yes, as new resources are added the price will increase for new customers. Existing customers will have access to the new resources at no extra cost.

When and how long can I access it?

You will have instant and lifetime access to all materials as soon as you sign up.

What is the format of the Bundle contents?

The bundle will be delivered via a sleek, stylish and secure online course interface. We also use various means of delivering the content (e.g. book, planner and course formats).

How do I purchase the Bundle?

You can pay for the bundle via Paypal or any major credit card. We use the two best payment processors in the world — Paypal and Stripe — to securely process your payment using the latest encryption technology. We also do not store your payment information.


All-access pass to our full suite of courses, books and planners

Mindfulness Bonus 1: Gratitude Journal + Thank You Cards

Self-Care Bonus 2: Sleep Challenge Course + eBook

Productivity Bonus 3: Minimalist Productivity Calendar

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